Image & Film Licensing

Image and film licensing requests

While the BFCA does not permit researchers to make their own photocopies or photograph archival materials, we are able to accomodate some reproduction and duplication requests.

We own the copyright to a very limited number of materials in our audiovisual collections, but are able to provide footage when licensing has been negotiated with the appropriate copyright holder(s).

Photocopy and image fees

$0.25 per exposure

Digital images:
IU affiliated patrons, all file types—$0.50 per image
Non-IU patron, reference quality JPG—$2.00 per image
Non-IU patron, publication quality TIFF (300+ dpi)—$5.00 per image

Licensing and footage requests

Requests for footage and licensing are subject to archive approval and may be denied because of the condition of the material, copyright, or other considerations. The BFCA and Indiana University own the copyright to only a limited number of the audiovisual collections.

For materials with copyright owned by the BFC/A and IU, licensing agreements are negotiated through IU's Office of General Council in conjunction with the BFCA.

For materials with copyright owned outside the university, licensing agreements must be negotiated with the appropriate copyright holder(s) before the BFCA can provide footage. Patrons requiring footage are requested to consult with the archivist regarding conditions, charges, and licensing.

Licensing and Footage Fees:
Administrative fee—$150
Digitization fee, if not already digitized—$200
Footage fee—$30 per second

Find out more

All reproduction, duplication, footage, and licensing requests are subject to U.S. Copyright law. For more information about fees and other available file formats, please contact our office at or 812-855-6041.

Fees may be waived under certain circumstances. Additional fees may apply for patrons making special requests.