Black Cinema & Media Studies

Explore Black cinema in IU’s event spaces and lecture halls

Black cinema and media studies explore and document the ways mediated representation, aesthetics, and history contribute to the cultural, social, and personal construction of identities, ideologies, and values. Several faculty from IU’s Media School contribute to the field, including important publications that reflect the legacy of the BFCA and utilize its resources.

The BFCA works in alliance with several of IU’s kindred cultural resources to present screenings, lectures, exhibits, and other events that promote Black cinema discussion, research, and discovery.

Opportunities for study

Specializing in Black Cinema Studies

IU students that are looking to graduate with either a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism or a Bachelor of Arts from The Media School must complete one nine-credit specialization. Classes that explore cinemas of the Black diaspora, comparative American identities, and race and gender representation are among those that can be applied to the Black Cinema Studies: Aesthetics, History, and Image specialization.

Black Cinema and Media Studies minor

This minor was established in 2017 to provide students outside of The Media School with opportunities to think and write critically about media and race. Several of its associated courses allow students across campus to engage in research using the BFCA's collections.